Lisa Longo


Fax to the white house, 202-456-2461

Dear President Obama,

 How are you? I am writing to you with the audacity of hope, the hope that together, we can resist the temptation to the easy and the obvious. Our global crisis deserves a global perspective and a global solution. At the center of this economic tsunami are two issues: affordable health care and sustainable energy.

We are part of the 99%. We will Occupy Wall Street, Philadelphia and cities nationwide. We will Occupy Together, and we will Occupy Everywhere.  We volunteered for you, donated to your campaign, and voted for you in record numbers. We are dedicated, loyal and tireless. We are also parents, students, retirees, managers, wait staff, artists, writers, teachers, doctors, firefighters, and many of us are activists. We have limited time to give to causes. At this time, many of us will not have the time, or the money, to give to any political campaign that does not directly address our concerns.

We need you to come out strongly, and REJECT the Keystone XL, and fight for sustainable energy.

 We are now faced with these two central issues, and although health care reform will one day help us, at present, many of us are struggling. We have lost our homes, our businesses, our ability to dream, our upward mobility, and our faith in our system.

 It seems our politicians have sold their souls to corporate interests. Where is our vision? Our dreams of a better future? Why are we continuing to give millions of dollars to support an archaic energy grid which utilizes dwindling resources when we have cheap, renewable and everlasting energy sources? Why do we gift $4 Billion dollars EVERY YEAR to oil & gas companies?

 Why have you not spoken out on the FRAC Act? Why is Congress holding up this important legislation that will close the “Halliburton loophole”? Why are you even considering signing off on the XL Keystone Pipeline? Not one drop will be used to decrease our “demand” for foreign oil.

 Natural gas is a dangerous and toxic substance, we need to take the billions given away in corporate subsidies and invest in research and development. We can start the Renewable Energy Revolution today. Today is the day. Now is the time and place we choose.

 Start with one school, install solar space heaters. This will save tens of thousands of dollars. Tens of thousands of local taxpayer dollars. Multiply that by hundreds of thousands of schools. The savings to taxpayers will be monumental and sustainable. It is simple, affordable and available today. Move on to installing more solar panels and wind turbines.

Mr. President, this one decision will decide so much more. We want to believe in change, we want to believe you will keep your promise to end our addiction to fossil fuels. Today is the day.



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  1. This is what we’re looking for…an answer to how can the corporate interests and oil dependency continue in a world needy of environmental revolution and renewable energies. 11/21 it is!

  2. Very well written Lisa! Thanks so much for CARING! The more we accept, the more we allow, the more we allow, the more we MUST ACCEPT!

  3. Good job Lisa. We cannot sacrifice our planet for corporate profits. We need our president to stand up for the hard working constituents that helped him get elected.

  4. the revolution happens one fax at a time…

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