Lisa Longo


We Start Here

My plan is to convince you all that we do not need natural gas, and do you know why I will be successful? Because it is the truth.

My gas stove was replaced last week with electric, now I am getting ready to go solar. And I will be blogging about the conversion, the cost, posting our utility bills, and hoping that it will convince you to do the same.

In addition, the Equality Coalition is getting off the ground, we will be putting together simple info, starting with, how to get elected to school board and why you should.

Then we retrofit schools with solar. And we stop spending taxpayer dollars for utilities, and guess what? Maybe the schools generate enough energy they sell some back to the grid.

I just made public schools generate revenue.

Neat trick right? You can do it to. Don't believe the lies, fossil fuels are obsolete and toxic, insist on safe, renewable energy.

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