Lisa Longo


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Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you again about the extreme extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing. More of our public lands are in danger of being contaminated and ruined by this method. We now know that most of the natural gas being extracted will be exported.

It strikes me that this is neither patriotic, nor fiscally conservative. We are allowing the exploitation of our national lands and natural resources, for private profit, while the US Taxpayer is being asked to pay for future remediation. And there is always remediation.

Why are you not insisting Congress pass the FRAC Act? Why not insist the BLM stop all fracking that is for export in the name of national security?

I have an idea I would like to share. If we retrofit schools with solar, we do two things, we cut costs and we generate revenue. Neat trick right? Making public schools profit centers. This would help balance budgets and reduce deficits, added benefit of creating jobs!

Once we start, we can expand to ALL municipal buildings. This has a ripple effect. Not only does it cut costs and generate revenue, it decreases consumption of natural gas & oil.

Let's get started Mr. President, call on Congress to pass the FRAC Act immediately, tell the BLM to put a halt to extraction for export and let's make our schools energy producers!


Lisa Longo

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